The Creatze Team

Barry Wiegler, CEO

Serial entrepreneur, private equity investor and advisor to top corporate executives.  Recognized for his creativity and amazing ability to connect the dots helping people and companies form powerful relationships.  Founder and former CEO of technology advisory firm, Key Consulting Group, and Founder and former CEO of Sourcing Industry Group. 

DuWayne Peterson, Chief Strategy Officer

Formerly EVP and Head of Technology and Operations, Merrill Lynch & Co. and EVP and CIO, Security Pacific Bank,  Formerly Chairman of the Industry Advisory Committee, Nasdaq. Founder and former Chairman, Pasadena Angels and Vice President, Colorado Angels.  Co-founder Sourcing Industry Group.  Member of the CIO Hall of Fame and Member of the Corporation Board, MIT.

Rick Harriman, Chief Innovation Officer

Rick served as CEO and Managing Partner of one of the World’s foremost creative thinking consultancies,  Synecticsworld, for several decades and is currently a Senior Fellow with the firm.  Rick is also an Innovation Fellow at Harvard University and is a Social Innovation Fellow at Babson College.  He is a patent holder and the author of a number of articles and book chapters on creativity in business and is co-author of Creativity, Inc.: Building an Inventive Organization. 

Tom Bloomquist, Chief Operations Officer

Tom is a recognized expert in Program and Project organization and management, especially focusing on organizational transformation.  Over the past three decaades Tom has also served as an advisor and consultant on IT Strategy for executives within numerous F1000 companies as well as leading multiple programs focused on transforming and enabling the Procurement and Supply Chain functions within Fortune 500 companies 

Kevin Surace, Advisor

Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, Kevin is an extraordinary innovator and  visionary across a broad technology landscape and has been awarded 28 patents..  As a serial entrepreneur he has built companies from $0 to $1B+ valuation. Kevin is currently involved with companies addressing: AI/Robotics and BPO, QA automation/security, IOT, viral/social apps and subscription models.  He has led teams to deliver disruptive technologies including OnStar virtual advisor, Perfect Commerce (online auctions), and mobile data (Air Communications) and drove the introduction of a number of industry firsts including the modern "human-like" voice user interface (i.e. Siri), and the first smart dataphone (AirCommunicator).

Norrie Daroga, Advisor

Norrie is a serial entrepreneur, most recently having served as CEO of iDAvatars, a company he founded four years ago.  iDA develops and markets avatars (virtual assistants) that integrate machine learning, real-time personalization, user engagement and informative/educational content into a single solution that dramatically improves the efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes of customer engagement and service.  Norrie formerly served as EVP and CAO for Metavante Technologies, Inc., a major technology services company.  In these roles he co-managed the spin-off of Metavante into a NYSE-listed public entity in 2007.  In 2008 Norrie formed his own company, advising entrepreneurs in diverse industries on financial and legal matters.