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Our Services

Developing Advanced Products

Based on the needs and ideas generated by F500 business executives, Creatze senior, multi-disciplined team defines products and engages with innovative technology providers to bring these products to market. The products capitalize on rapidly advancing technologies that include aritificial intelligence, machine learning, process robotics, virtual and augmented reality and 3D printing.

Accelerating Innovation by Member Companies within Major Industry Associations

Creatze' team works with the leadership of major industry organizations to accelerate member adoption of innovative processes and products.  Creatze' skilled advisors and facilitators lead association member companies in seeking, evaluating and implementing emerging products that enable them to beat the competition.  Creatze also facilitates client companies and their major suppliers to co-innovate products, services and processes based on their combined strengths.

Accelerating the Success of Mid-stage Providers

Creatze' unique model that begins with the needs of F1000 company executives, rather than with a specific product, enables highly efficient matching of product features to the expressed desires and needs of potential customers.  Potential customers team on Proof of Concept and Pilor projects which manages the provider's investment of time and money, and enables providers to benefit from guidance from multiple potential buying companies.